7th pay commission 2023: DA-pay scale will be paid from 2016, up to Rs 56800 will come into the account, payment will be made till December

7th pay commission 2023The high court has ordered the salaries to be provided to the employees according to the 7th pay commission. Now all the employees who are working in the government department will get benefits of all facilities of 7th pay commission in their salary. If you are also a government employee either permanent or contractual then it is a very important order of the High Court to provide equal pay to contractual and regular employees. 

High Court ordered to increase the salary 

Recently, Delhi High Court has ordered to the institution to provide proper salary to their employees. The employees were getting different salaries from the regular employees due to their contractual Employment. Due equal division of the work between regular and contractual employees, the High Court has accepted The Appeal of employees to increase their salaries as regular employees. These employees will also get the salary according to the 7th pay commission. 

7th pay commission

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Following employees will get benefit 

The nurses of All India Institute of Medical Science- AIIMS Delhi were getting different basic salaries to work as nurses in AIIMS from 2016. Into the petition of the nurses, Regular and  contractual nurses both work together and help doctors as well as patients for their well being. But the institution is not giving them proper salary according to the regular employees.

Regular nurses of the institute are getting 56800 monthly salary from the department and contractual nurses are only getting 28000 for doing same work. After hearing the case of these nurses, the Delhi High Court has ordered to AIIMS Delhi to increase the basic salary of these contractual nurses in the institution according to the 7th pay commission. The court has also provided the timeline of 3 months to implement this rule in the organisation.

The Court has appreciated AIIMS nurses 

The High Court has appreciated the work of nurses in AIIMS Hospital. according to the High Court, we cannot differentiate between the efforts of regular and contractual nurses in the hospital. Both nurses are doing their best to provide assistance to doctors and also helping patients in the hospital. The duties of nurses are highly valuable and devoted to humanity as they have worked critical situations to handle serious patients in the absence of doctors.

Nurses also manage the activities of relatives of patients and help them to corporate with Hospital staff. So there is no discrimination between their works so they also need to get same pay for same work. And the high court finally decided to pay equal basic pay to regular and contractual nurses in AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. 

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Employees will get a complete salary from 2016 

As mentioned, contractual nurses in the AIIMS Hospital are not getting same pay for the same work from 2016. But according to the AMS staff, these nurses are getting the salary according to the 7th pay commission for contractual employees. But now, nurses will not get salary according to the second grade of contractual employees but the department will provide them the basic salary with the regular employees.

Apart from the basic salary, nurses will also get dearness allowances over their basic salary from 2016. Hospital authority have total three months to implement this order and send the due salary within 3 months. Nurses will get approximately 11000 in 2016, and now they are getting 28000 salary without any allowances. But on other hand regular nurses are getting 56800 monthly salary for the same work.

So all the contractual nurses of AIIMS Hospital will get their due payment from 2016 till yet in their bank account. The AIIMS department will send the rest payment of the Employees with the dearness allowance and arrange it in the upcoming salaries of their nurse employees in the department. However, these contractual nurses will get the same basic pay according to the regular Employees with dearness allowances also, but other allowances including house and rent allowance etc. will not be provided to these contractual employees further. 


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