8th Pay Commission DA Hike News: Countdown Begins For Central Employees To Get 4% DA Before Diwali

8th Pay Commission DA Hike News: Central employees are waiting for an increment in dearness allowances in 2023. The central government is preparing to announce the notice of increment in the DA. If you are also working in a government department then it is good news for you. Today we will discuss with you the implementation of 8 pay commissions and the increment in the DA of Government employees and pensioners, so read this article to know all the information.

Increment in DA of Government employees

The Government of India is following the 7th Pay Commission to prepare the salaries of their employees. The central government provides the salaries according to the provisions of the 7th Pay Commission. Now it is time to increase the dearness allowance of the employees for the session of July to December 2023. The government has not modified any information about increasing the DA yet but it will be announced soon. After this, all the employees who are working in the central government and the pensioners of the Central Government will get the direct benefit of increasing the dearness allowance

8th Pay Commission DA Hike News

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Employees can get a Diwali Gift 

If we discuss last year’s trend of increasing DA of Central employees, the government increased DA in 2022 on the occasion of the Diwali festival. So employees are also expecting that the government may release new dearness allowance in their salaries in Diwali 2023. Diwali festival is going to be celebrated in November month 2023. However, there is no official notification about this prediction of increasing the dearness allowance. But it is a provision in the 7th pay commission that the Government has to increase the dearness allowance 2 times a year.

Last time the government increased the DA in April month of 2023 for the session of January to June 2023. Now employees are getting 42% DA in their salaries in pensioners are also getting the same percentage of DA in their pensions. Whenever the government increases the DA of employees, employees will get a higher amount of salary in their bank account where they will be provided the rest of their DA from July 2023 till yet. 

46% DA may Increase 

The government follows the all-India CPI index to calculate monthly hikes in the dearness. According to the AICPI, The government has recently increased the DA of Central employees by 4% in April of 2023. Now according to the structure and data of the AICPI, the government can also increase the 4% dearness allowance for the July to December session 2023.

After this employees will get a 46% dearness allowance in their bank account over their basic salary and other allowances. The scheme is the same for the Government pensioners of the Central Government. You may check the latest month’s AICPI index by visiting the official website to calculate the estimated increment for the upcoming DA hike.

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Implementation of the 8th Pay Commission

Employees are continuously demanding to implementation of the 8th Pay Commission in the parliament. However, the parliament is not providing any statement for Preparing the bill of the 8th Pay Commission. According to the leaders and policymakers, it is quite difficult to change the Pay Commission early. Generally, the government proposes a Pay Commission for the upcoming 10 or more years.

The latest 7th Pay Commission was implemented in 2015, so there is no any chance to prepare or propose any new 8 Pay Commission before 2025. According to the Central employees, the government can propose 8 Pay Commission bills in the Parliament before parliamentary elections. Elections are going to be conducted across India in 2024, so it is highly possibility that employees can get a new gift from the central government at the beginning of 2024.

There is a special provision in the 7th pay commission that, the government has to revise the pay commission especially the dearness allowances of employees once it reaches 50%. If the government increases the 46% dearness allowance this year, then in January 2024, the government will again increase 4% DA for upcoming January to June 2024. After this, the maximum limit of DA will reach 50%. So, the government will revise the basic salary of employees and provide DA to 0% from the start. So it is also a possibility to discuss on 8 Pay Commission. 


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