8th Pay Commission Date, 4% DA Increase, Total Salary Increase

8th Pay Commission: Central Government employees are waiting to announce the 8th Pay Commission after successfully getting the benefits of the 7th Pay Commission for the last 8 to 9 years. The Government of India provides salaries to their employees according to the formula of the 7th pay commission. The 7th pay commission has a brief explanation of all the items that are included in the salary including basic salary, dearness allowance, house and rent around, travel allowance, medical allowances, etc.

But now it is in the news that the government is going to propose the 8th Pay Commission in the upcoming days to provide good salaries to their employees. If you are also a government employee then this article will help you to understand the upcoming proposal of 8 pay commission and the latest increment in dearness allowance on the 7th pay commission.

8th Pay Commission
8th Pay Commission Date, Total Salary Increase, Latest News Today

A 4% dearness allowance will be provided

Central Government employees are getting a 42% dearness allowance over their basic salary from 1 January 2023. According to the 7th pay commission, the government should increase the dearness allowances of their employees twice a year. However employees are getting their salary with a 42% dearness allowance, but the government has announced that Employees will get 4% extra dearness in their upcoming salaries.

The dearness allowance is calculated according to the All India CPI index, where the increment of the Number of goods and products decides the upcoming increment in dearness allowance. So it is expected that the government will increase for percent dearness allowance and will provide 46% DA to Central Government employees soon with their salary.


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8 Pay Commission 

Central Government employees are also waiting to get their salary with the new rules of the 8 Pay Commission. The salary of the Government employees will be calculated according to the new rules of the 8 Pay Commission after the implementation of this Commission. However the news Agencies are continuously discussing about implementation of the 8th Pay Commission, but any government authority has not provided any statement to launch this Commission.

It should be also not a down that according to the Union Ministers pay commission is a long-term scheme that should not be implemented from time to time. However, it has also been said that usually, the government proposes a new Pay Commission after 10 years of the previous Pay Commission. If you discuss the implementation of the 7th pay commission then it was implemented in 2014.

So it is also expected from many Government employees that the government can announce a new Pay Commission in the year 2024. However, 2024 is also a very effective year where many State Government and Central Government elections will be conducted. So Central employees are expecting that the government can surprise them with 8 Pay Commission before the start of the election. 

New salary on 8th Pay Commission 

It should be also remembered that the government can only provide a maximum of 50% dearness allowances on the basic salary of employees. otherwise, it may be increased according to the Sixth pay commission where employees are getting up to 121% dearness allowances from the government. If the central government increases the 4% dearness allowance then employees will get 46% DA over their salary.

After this government will also increase the DA of your employees in January 2024. If the total DA reaches 50% of the basic salary, then the government will revise the pay commission and will implement the 8th Pay Commission. After this, the dearness allowances of the central government will be provided from zero, but their basic salary will also be increased according to the new rules.

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Calculation of salary in 8th Pay Commission 

There are multiple factors that will be implemented at the time of calculating the new salary of Central Government employees in the 8th Pay Commission. The fundamental change in the salary will include upgrading the pay scale of Government employees. Nowadays days Central Government employees are getting a minimum of 18000 monthly salaries with the inclusion of basic salary and all allowances.

But after announcing the new Pay Commission, the fitment factor will also be increased so their basic salary will be increased according to the formula. For example, if an employee is getting 18000 per month, then he can get 26000 rupees per month in the new structure of the salary. After this, the dearness allowances and other allowances will be calculated on the new structure of the basic salary. 


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