Conjunctivitis Symptoms, Eye Flu Treatment, Medicine, Prevention

Conjunctivitis Symptoms, Eye Flu Treatment: what is conjunctivitis? The viral infection of eye flu which is also known as conjunctivitis eye. This is a viral disease which is spreaded through touch and contact the Infected person. If you are also facing conjunctivitis eye problem then you should visit the concerned doctor to diagnose your problem. However, we are also providing you some important tips and Eye Flu Home remedies to overcome eye inflammation in conjunctivitis eye flu. So read our article where we have Provided you Symptoms of conjunctivitis, Remedies and tips to prevent conjunctivitis and other information related to this viral disease.

Conjunctivitis Symptoms Eye Flu Treatment
Conjunctivitis Symptoms, Eye Flu Treatment, Medicine, Prevention

Conjunctivitis Symptoms, Eye Flu Treatment

Eye Flu Prevention: Firstly you should know about the symptoms of conjunctivitis. We are listing The possible Eye Flu Symptoms of conjunctivitis in this points so it will helpful to you to diagnose this problem easily;

  • If anyone is infected from conjunctivitis than his eye colour should be red or pink.
  • The affected person will also feel Swelling on eye if he is infected with conjunctivitis.
  • The person will also face a huge Quantity of Tears in his eye across the day.
  • Person will also feel teaching in his eye. ( however you should not rub your eye, it is not a good way)
  • Discharge of the whites of the eyes
  • Infected person will also feel pain in his eye.
  • Person will feel sting by seeing anything.

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Causes of conjunctivitis (Eye Flu)

Eye flu infected a person through a virus. If you are meeting with any infected person who is suffering conjunctivitis then it is highly chance that this virus may attack on you. However, this is An infection disease where if you touch any infected surface where the particle of the virus are available then it may enter in your eyes through your hands while rubbing your eyes. However there are no other specific causes which promote the conjunctivitis. It is observe that conjunctivitis mostly attacks on Children and aged persons. however , If anyone is continuously contracting with new persons then he can also be affected from this this infection. The remedies and medicals for all the as group is different. so you should use the conjunctivitis remedies and conjunctivitis medicines according to suggestions of the doctor. 

Prevent of conjunctivitis (Eye flu)

As it is mentioned that conjunctivitis spread through infection. so you should follow the following preventions to precure yourself from conjunctivitis:

  • Wash your hand before touching your eyes every time
  • Whenever you go outside the home or meet any other person after that you should regularly wash your hand from shop and other hand wash.
  • Do not share your eye glasses with anyone during this infected season
  • Anything which is related to your eyes including Your spectacles, Towel which is used to clean your eyes.
  • You should also clean your eyeglasses and towels regularly
  • If you are feeling swelling or inflammation in your eyes then you should use your Concern eye drops or contact to the doctor before spreading eye flu.

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Treatment of Eye Flu (Eye Flu ka Ilaj)

Eyes are very important part of our body so you should not use any medicine for eye drop before concerning any doctor or eye specialist. So if you are feeling that you are affected with conjunctivitis than you should visit to the clinic so doctor will concerned you the specific medicine according to your condition. however there are many home remedies and tips which are very helpful for those person who are suffering with Conjunctivitis. you can follow the following home remedies

  • You should watch your eyes with freshwater regularly.
  • You can also take zinc supplements
  • If you are using contact lens then you should avoid to use it in free time. for you should take out these lens if you do not have any required which is related to Eyes.
  • You should also take a good sleep and rest for your eyes
  • Vitamin A, K, C and B are very useful for eyes. so you can also take a diet which is fulfilling all the above vitamins.

However you should also use the specific eye drop and Medicines for conjunctivitis according to the suggestion of your doctor. do not use any medicine for conjunctivitis without suggestions of your doctor.


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