Diwali Bonus 2023 (Announced): कर्मचारियों के लिए 78 दिनों के बोनस की घोषणा [Railway Board Order RBE No. 117/2023]

Diwali Bonus 2023 (Announced): This Diwali is going to become a special happy Diwali for the railway employees, this time, the railway has announced that railway employees will get a Diwali Bonus 2023 of 78 days. In the previous days, the union cabinet approved the proposal of providing productivity-linked bonuses (PLB) to the railway’s non-gazetted employees in this financial year 2023-24 As per the Hindustan Times news, the Indian railways has granted the Diwali Bonus 2023 of 1968.87 crore rupees. This huge Diwali Bonus 2023 amount was granted by the railways in recognition of the excellent performance of the railway’s employees/ staff.

Diwali Bonus 2023 benefits

As per the information, all the non-gazetted railway employees will get this bonus, as per the center statement, around 11,07,346 railway employees like track maintainers, supervisors, technician helpers, railway technicians, loco pilots, train managers (guards), station masters, pointsmen, group c staff, and Ministerial staff will get these benefits of this Diwali Bonus 2023 bonus. Above mentioned all the staff will get the Diwali Bonus 2023 but there are some posts in the Indian railways that will not get the benefits. The names of those posts are given below:

The Railway Protection Force(RPF) and Railway Protection Special Force are not covered in this bonus allocation, till the time railways have not announced any bonus for this staff.

Why Indian railways are giving Diwali Bonus 2023 to their staff?

Many people think that railways are providing this Diwali Bonus 2023 because of the festivals. But in reality, the cause of this Diwali 2023 Bonus is the dedication of the Railways employees. In this financial year, the Indian railways have loaded a record cargo of 1,509 tonnes, which means railways have transported 1,509 tonnes of cargo. It is a record.

Not only in terms of cargo, railways have also worked very hard in their passenger services. This year, till the time railways have served their services to around 6.5 billion passengers. It is a very good achievement. There are many reasons, behind this achievement. One of them is the investment by the government in railway infrastructure, which led to improvements, in efficiency and the incorporation of technology.

As per the authorities, the payment of PLB is a reinforcement for their employees. This PLB will motivate all the railway employees to work even more dedicatedly and improve the quality of Indian railways.

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Bonus to Railway employees @ 78 Days

Indian Railways has the biggest train network across India. The majority of Indian people choose the Railway for their long-distance traveling. since independence the Indian Railways very reliable and trusted means of traveling for Indian people. As per the Indian Railways report every day an average of 23 million passenger Travels by the Indian Railways. Indian Railway has one of the largest rail networks in the world.  it has around 115,000 km of track. The Indian Railways plays a vital role in transportation in India. it not only helps in traveling it even transports goods across India.

As per the Indian Railways report.  on average around 3 million turns of goods/ freight are transported through the Indian Railways across India. The Indian Railways is the primary transportation mode of freight in India. Indian Railways transports goods such as coal, iron, cement, ore, food, oil, and many more things. 

Right now, Indian Railway working to increase its capacity to transport more goods. The Indian Railway has a very good initiative to electrify the whole Indian Railways. Even Indian Railways working on the bullet train project.

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Employees Bonus News

How many trains do Indian railways have?

According to an Indian Railways report the Indian Railway has around 13000 trains that are still running on Indian Railways track. The Indian Railways have a variety of trains.  These different types of varieties include passenger trains special trains, Freight trains Super special trains, and many more.

How many departments does Indian Railways have

Indian Railways’ many departments. But majorly in Indian Railways, we have 12 departments detailed information about these 12 departments is given below

  • Operating department: The operating department ensures the safe and efficient operation of Indian trains
  • Commercial department: The commercial department of Indian Railways is related to generating revenue. Either it is from selling tickets or transporting good
  • Engineering department: The engineering department is related to all the maintenance and construction work of the Indian Railway
  • Electrical department: The electrical department of the Indian Railway is related to the maintenance of electricity wires and the installation of new wires
  • Mechanical department: This department is responsible for all the mechanical work in Indian Railways whether it is the maintenance of locomotives or other
  • Safety department:the safety department of Indian railways is responsible for providing safety to the train, passengers, and station.
  • Medical department: the medical department of the Indian Railways is responsible for providing medical facilities to railway employees and passengers.
  • Signal and telecommunication department: this department is responsible for all the signal and telecommunication work.
  • Store department:this department is responsible for the management of the railway’s material.
  • Accounts department: the accounting department is responsible for all the financial work
  • Personnel department: related to the recruitment, training, and welfare of railways and its employees

FAQs: Diwali Bonus 2023

Who wil get 78 days diwali bonus 2023?

Center may approve 78 days of Diwali bonus for railway employees during cabinet meeting

Has Railway Bonus been announced?

The Cabinet approved the payment of productivity-linked bonus to railway employees for the financial year 2021-22.

कितनी होगी बोनस राशि?

बोनस राशि कर्मचारी के मूल वेतन के आधार पर निर्धारित की जाती है, जिसकी अधिकतम सीमा 7,000 रुपये है।

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