Eid Ul Adha 2024 : Wishes, Images, Eid Mubarak Status, Greetings, Quotes & many more

Eid Ul Adha 2024 Wishes : Eid Ul Adha is called the Feast of Sacrifice as well. It is the second major and biggest festival of Islamic people. The other one is Eid al-Fitr. Eid Ul Adha is known as the feast of sacrifice in Arabic. In This Article, we will Provide the images, Best wishes, Messages, Quotes and WhatsApp Status To help you celebrate the Festival with more Joy And Happiness. May Eid-ul-Adha Brings to you and your family a lot of Happiness and Good news. Read the Article till the end to Choose the Message to be shared with your Family Members and Friends.

Eid Ul Adha 2024

The festival praises Abraham’s (Ibrahim’s) willingness to give away one of his many sons – most probably – Ishmael (Ismail) or maybe Issac (Ishaq) as a sacrificial gift according to instructions given by God. Abraham was no doubt ready to sacrifice his son in God’s name but before he could proceed, God provided him with the lamb to offer as a sacrifice instead of his son. Animals are sacrificed on this occasion in remembrance of this intervention by God. The family offering the sacrifice eats some portion of the meat themselves and the rest of the meat is distributed.

Eid Al-Adha History

The story of Ibrahim’s Sacrifice, also known as the story of the Eid-ul-Adha (Eid al-Adha), is a significant tale in Islam religion. It is the story of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and his willingness to sacrifice his son, Ismail (Ishmael), as an act of the obedience to Allah (God).

According to the story, Allah appeared to Abraham in a dream and ordered him to sacrifice his son as a test of his faith. In spite of the shock and sadness of the request, Ibrahim was determined to obey Allah’s command. He informed his son Ismail about Allah’s order and the two set out to carry it out.

As they travelled to the place of sacrifice, Satan attempted to dissuade Ibrahim from carrying out Allah’s command. However, Ibrahim threw stones at Satan in order to drive him away.

When they arrived at the place of the sacrifice, Ibrahim blindfolded himself to avoid seeing his son’s face during the sacrifice, as he did not want his love for his son to weaken his resolve to obey the order of God. Just as Ibrahim was about to sacrifice his son, Allah intervened and revealed to him that the sacrifice had already been accomplished and that he had passed the test.

To remember this event, Muslims through worldwide offer an animal sacrifice, such as a sheep or a goat, as a symbol of their obedience and submission to Allah. The meat from the sacrifice is divided into three parts, one part given to the poor and needy people , one part to family and friends, and one part kept for the personal consumption.

Eid-ul-Adha is also a time for the Muslims to gather with family and friends, exchange gifts, and engage in acts of charity and kindness. This is a time for the reflection on the importance of obedience, sacrifice, and submission to Allah, and for strengthening one’s faith and connection to the Muslim community.

Eid al-Adha is an essential celebration in the Muslim calendar, providing an occasion for the Muslims worldwide to come together in a spirit of the unity, devotion, and compassion.

The story of Ibrahim’s Sacrifice serves as a reminder of the importance of obedience to Allah and the faith that Allah will protect those who obey his commands.

Bakrid 2024 : Day And Date

Name of the festivalEid Ul-Adha
Festival forMuslims
Date of the festival16 Jun, 2024 – 17 Jun, 2024
Day of Bakra EidSunday and Monday
CelebrationThroughout the world

Eid Ul Adha wishes 2024

  • May you be successful and happy throughout your life with the blessings of Allah.
  • Happy Eid to all my dear friends.
  • Allah Noor how grateful I am for you being my best friend. My dearest friend, you are the reason for Noor in my eyes. Happy Eid!
  • Eid Mubarak from my heart to your heart. May the blessing of Eid travel distance and find a place in your heart. Happy Eid my dearest friend.
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes
Eid Ul Adha 2024 Wishes

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  • May Allah film each and every corner of your home and heart with his love and blessings.
  • May on this auspicious day you receive his compassion, warmth, and love. Happy Eid my sweetest friend.
  • With every inch of your heart and soul receive bounties of Allah and get rid of all the woes that way you down.
  • Spend time with your family on this beautiful day of Eid. Happy Eid to you and your family my dear friend.
  • No Shadow should ever come close to you to make you feel down.
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes
  • All Joys surround you, May Allah always bless you.
  • I have these thoughts in my mind for you.
  • Happy Eid to everyone.

Bakrid Mubarak Messages for Family

  • Eid Mubarak to everyone out there! May this festival celebration bring all the beauty of happiness and love into your life.
  • May the year ahead bring a lot of success, happiness, and peace to your family, your home, and your loved ones. Happy Eid.
  • May Allah accept your prayers and bless you with His kindness and forgiveness on this auspicious occasion of Eid.
  • As the crescent moon is sighted and the holy month comes to an end, I wish you and your family a very happy Eid.
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes

Eid Ul Adha Quotes for Wife

  • No shadows to knock you down. You are enveloped only by the blessed.
  • May Allah’s blessings embrace you in peace and happiness and throw open every door that leads you to success, now as well as in the future. Happy Eid my dear love.
  • EID Mubarak to you my sweetheart! May you get Joy, peace, and success on this beautiful day.
  • Eid is the perfect time to ponder, make changes, and forgive others and yourself. May you get all the Mercy and knowledge from Allah.
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes
  • I wish you a blessed and happy Eid, my dear wife. You are the one in my thoughts and also in my prayers. May the kind Allah bless you with his blessings.
  • Your best wishes made this beautiful day more beautiful and happier for me. Thank you, the Love Of My Life. May Allah continuously bless you and the people who are special to you.
  • Happy Eid Ul Adha to you my sweetest wife.
  • May Allah take all your good deeds. May you have a happy Bakrid my dear darling.

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Eid Mubarak wishes for Husband

  • I wish you a Joy, blessed and also illuminating Bakrid My lovely husband.
  • Experience the Eid wonder of Eid everywhere around you and always remember that God’s love is always with you. May you always be with people who love and care for you unconditionally. Happy Eid Ul Adha.
  • May the magic of Eid fulfills your and your loved one life with lots of happiness.
  • Dear husband, the joy and magic of Eid get triple in your company and with the blessings of Allah.
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes

Eid Ul-Adha Mubarak status

  • May the joy and goodness of Eid bring the utmost happiness in your life this year. EID Mubarak to you!
  • May you have the best feast this Eid al-Adha. Eid Mubarak!
  • May this Eid bring nothing but harmony, love, and enjoyment Happy Eid to all my near ones.
  • I hope you have a joyful Eid this year and may you get all your decided wishes come to you.
  • Eid Mubarak everyone.
  • May Allah always keep you happy and healthy. Eid Mubarak!

Eid Al-Adha Mubarak Photos 2024

Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes
Eid Ul Adha 2023 Wishes

Eid Ul-Fitr 2024

Eid al-Adha will be celebrated in Saudi Arabia on 15th June 2024. In other countries like Japan, Malaysia, Canada etc.. Eid will be celebrated on 17th June, 2024. This festival is observed in the 12th month of the lunar or Islamic calendar.

This month is called Zul-Hijjah or Dhu Al-Hijjah. Muslims all over the world gather in the mosque for community prayers and listen to Holy sermons delivered by their respected religious leaders. The day symbolizes faith, obedience, submission to Allah, and the acts of Charity.

Bakrid Celebration 2024

Eid al-Adha, also known as the Feast of Sacrifice, is an important festival for the Muslim that commemorates Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham)’s willingness to sacrifice his son as an act of obedience to Allah (God). It is observed annually on the 10th day of Dhu al-Hijjah, the last month of the Islamic calendar. Here are a few ways to celebrate Bakrid :-

Attend Eid prayer:
Muslims usually start the day by attending the Eid prayers at their local mosque or in the outdoor prayer space. The prayers are held early in the morning and it involve a sermon followed by a congregational prayer.

Donation to charity:
One of the key themes of the festival Eid-ul-Adha (Eid al-Adha) is generosity, and the Muslims are encouraged to give to the charity, especially to those in who are in a need. Donating to a local charity or to an organization that helps the poor or needy is a great way to celebrate the holiday.

Perform the Sacrifice:
Many Muslims will perform a sacrificial ritual during Eid al-Adha, which involves slaughtering a goat, sheep, or camel. The meat is divided into three parts, which one part is being given to the poor and needy, one part to the friends and family, and one part kept for the self consumption.

Spending time with the family and friends:
Eid-Ul-Adha is a time for the celebration and togetherness, so it’s important to spend time with the loved ones. Muslims frequently gather for the meals and exchange the gifts during the festival.

Eating special food:
Many Muslims will prepare special dishes to enjoy during Eid-ul-Adha, such as biryani, kebabs, and sweets. It is also common to share food with neighbors and friends.

Wear New Clothes:
It is traditional to wear the new clothes during Eid-ul-Adha, as a symbol of the renewal and the celebration.

Eid-ul-Adha is a time for all the Muslims to come together and to celebrate their faith and community. By attending Eid prayers, giving to the charity, performing sacrifices, spending the time with loved ones, eating special foods, and wearing new clothes, Muslims can fully embrace the spirit of the holiday.

When will Eid Ul- Adha 2024 celebrated in India ?

Eid ul-Adha will be celebrated on 17th June, 2024 in India.

In which Islamic month Eid Ul-Adha is celebrated ?

Eid Ul-Adha is celebrated in the Zul-Hijjah month of the Islamic calendar.

What is the other name for Eid Ul-Adha ?

Bakrid is the other name for Eid Ul-Adha.

What is the reason behind the celebration of Eid Ul-Adha ?

The story of Ibrahim’s Sacrifice serves as a reminder of the importance of obedience to Allah and the faith that Allah will protect those who obey his commands. To remember this sacrifice, Eid Ul- Adha is celebrated.

How many days did Eid-al-Adha celebrated ?

Depending on the country, the celebrations of Eid-Ul-Adha can last anywhere between two to four days.

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