Gabriel Attal: France’s Youngest, First Gay Prime Minister

Gabriel Attal is appointed as prime minister of France on 9 January 2024 by President Emmanuel Macron. He has become the youngest prime minister of France get the age of 34. He has been in the news since Tuesday, January 9 because he is the first Gay Prime Minister and the youngest prime minister of France. You should know about his political journey and his struggle to become the head of the government in France. 

Before Gabriel Attal was appointed Prime Minister on January 9, 2024, the position was held by Élisabeth Borne. Madame Borne served as Prime Minister from July 4, 2022, until the transition of power to Attal. She was the second woman to hold the office of Prime Minister in France, following Édith Cresson from 1991 to 1992. Her tenure was marked by significant events such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the cost-of-living crisis, and the war in Ukraine. Now Gabriel Attal is managing the role of PM in France. It is a very historical decision in the history of France to become a Prime Minister at the youngest age and represent the Gay community. 

Gabriel Attal
Gabriel Attal: France’s Youngest, First Gay Prime Minister

Gabriel Attal 1st Gay PM of France 

Gabriel Attal was born on March 16, 1989, and became the youngest prime minister of France at the age of 34. He is a member of the Renaissance party and is known for being a rising star in French politics. He studied at Sciences Po Paris and the Panthéon-Assas University and he began his career working in the French Ministry of Health. In 2017, he was elected to the French National Assembly, representing the Hauts-de-Seine department. 

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Gabriel Attal in Politics 

However, Gabriel Attal first joined the socialist party in France in 2006 it was his first step toward politics. He became health minister in France in 2012 due to his Education background and intelligence. But his popularity increased after 2016 when he joined La République En Marche! (LREM) party, which was founded by Emmanuel Macron. He was appointed as spokesperson in the Elections of 2017 and played a major role in the victory of Emmanuel Macron.

He is very close to Emmanuel Macron and got a good political position in the government where he was first appointed in the French National Assembly and represented the Hauts-de-Seine department. After that, he became Secretary of State for Youth and Sports in 2018. After that, he became the government’s official spokesperson and served till 2022. The current government elected him as Minister of Public Action and Accounts in the year 2022. Now he is leading the government in France from 9 January 2024 as a new Prime Minister.

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A Big Role of Emmanuel Macron 

Emmanuel Macron played a decisive role in Gabriel Attal’s election as Prime Minister of France. As President, Macron held the sole authority to appoint the head of government, and it was his faith in Attal’s abilities and suitability for the role that ultimately led to his appointment. Macron saw in Attal a talented and loyal ally, a rising star with the potential to unify the party and appeal to younger voters. Attal’s youth, eloquence, and commitment to social justice also aligned with Macron’s vision for France’s future, making him a natural choice for the challenges and opportunities of the second term. While internal dynamics and public opinion may have influenced Macron’s decision, ultimately it was his judgment and vision that determined Attal’s historic appointment. 


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