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Income Tax Department of India has successfully completed receiving income tax for session 2022-23. Now the department is processing the documents of tax payers and verifying it. All the tax payers who have make any mistake to register there income tax, are receiving notice of Income Tax Department. Some tax payers are receiving penalty notice due to their fake documentations. so if you have also a tax payer who have recently paid the text for the session of 2022-23 then you should read the article carefully. We are providing you details of Income Tax Department notice for various purposes in this article.

Income Tax Department is verifying documents

The government collects tax from various sources across year to their citizens. But if any citizen left to submit their tax to the Income Tax Department of India then they can submit their tax annually without any late fees. the last date to apply online for income tax return for session 2022-23 was 31 July 2023. Now the procedure to accept income tax return has been completed. if you want to pay the income tax yet then you have to submit palante and other extra fees with your text. however, the government has started to verify the documents of taxpayers to provide them tax redemptions. But there are a lot of fake documents to claim income tax return, the department is notifying and identifying these all fake documents and preparing legal notices to these taxpayers.

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ITR Identified fake documents 

The department has identified various documents which are fake. most of the fate documents are related to house and rent allowances which are also non s HRA. The Income Tax Department of India provides various tax redemptions to Taxpayers if they are legally using some facilities including HRA. If any salaried person is living in any rent house then he have right to ask for redemptions from his total payable take for HRA. But if you are not using HRA then you will not get redemptions for income tax return. If you have submitted any legal documents for asking income tax return then department will not send you the legal notice. but if any person is misleading the department then he will get legal notice for penalty for misleading the department soon.

Reasons to get notice of Income Tax Department

There are many reasons which can be used by the Income Tax Department to send the legal notice to any taxpayer. Most of the Income Tax payers are salaried persons. The most common notice from income tax department is related to TDS. If you entered any wrong information while applying income tax return which is not matching to your TDS then you will get the Income Tax Department notice. It may also possible that if you have not Submitted all the relevant documents which are related to deduction of your income tax return then you will also get the legal notice from the department. If you are hiding any other source of income then department will also find it by your pan details and issue a legal notice against you. so you should be careful while applying for income tax return.

Department can charge 200% Penalty

According to the section 270A of Income Tax Act, The department can charge you 200% penalty for Misreporting of the source of your income and hiding it by submitting the fake HRA. If your HRA is fake and department Found You guilty, then you will be charged total 200% penalty against the income of HRA which you have hided by submitting the fake document. Many tax payers receive this notice and have to pay total amount to the Income Tax Department including the interest rates and other charges. However it is a long process to verify your Document of HRA and other important documents. but anytime you can receive legal notice if you are submitting any wrong information or misguiding the department about your income. 

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Follow this procedure if you receive any Notice from income tax department

Firstly you should consider a legal person who is perfect in the laws of Income Tax Act. however if you are sure that you have not submitted any misinformation or you do not misguide the department then you should not be worried. you should reply to your notice with all the documents you have submitted at the time of applying for your income tax return. 


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