LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023: मोदी कैबिनेट का बड़ा फैसला, 300 रूपए सस्ता हुआ गैस सिलिंडर

LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023: There is good news for Indians the government has reduced the price of LPG gas cylinders again. The election season in India is providing very beneficial subsidies on LPG cylinders. According to the latest announcement of the central government, beneficiaries will get Rs 100 extra LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023 over 300 rupees subsidy to purchase a new LPG gas cylinder. Now beneficiaries can purchase gas cylinders for only 603 Rs. Read this article to know about the implementation of this new subsidy Hike on LPG gas cylinders and also check the beneficiaries who will get the direct benefit of LPG gas cylinder subsidy 2023.

LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023: 300 रूपए सस्ता

The central government has reduced Rs 200 from the amount of LPG gas cylinders in August month of 2023. Now they have also passed a new notification to reduce Rs 100 for beneficiaries of PM Ujjwala scheme. So if you are registered with the Pradhanmantri Ujjwala scheme then you can purchase the LPG gas cylinder with a 300 rupees subsidy. Apart from this state governments especially the Madhya Pradesh government also provide extra subsidies for purchasing LPG gas cylinders to the beneficiaries of PM Ujjwala scheme and Ladli Behna scheme. So it is a good time to consume the benefits of LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023 during this election season. 

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300 rupees subsidy on LPG gas cylinder 

General citizens who are not registered in any Central or state level scheme of LPG Distribution are getting LPG gas cylinders of 14.2 kilogram in 903 Rs. The price of LPG was more than 1100 rupees before August month of 2023. After the official notification of the central government, Rs 200 rupees has been reduced from the price of LPG gas cylinders. But if we discuss the beneficiaries of PM Ujjwala Yojana, then they will get LPG gas cylinders with a hundred rupees extra LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023 and overall they will get the benefit of 300 rupees subsidy. The government has accepted the proposal to reduce Rs 100 to the beneficiaries of the PM Ujjwala scheme on 4 October 2023. After that beneficiaries will get the benefit of an LPG Gas Cylinder Subsidy 2023 of 300 rupees while purchasing a gas cylinder of 14.2 kilograms.

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Impact of international oil prices on LPG gas cylinder rates

The government is making these changes due to deflation in the crude oil price in the international market. After that, the government is not only providing the benefit of this implementation to the citizens but also providing the benefit of LPG distributors. The government has increased the commission of LPG gas distributors from 64.84 Rs to 73.08 Rs per cylinder. Apart from this citizens are also getting a subsidy to purchase LPG gas cylinders for a maximum of 300 rupees. 

Gas cylinders can now be purchased at 603 Rs

The central government started the PM Ujjwala scheme to provide gas cylinder facilities to poor household females in India in 2016. After that, the government is providing LPG gas cylinders to their beneficiaries with affordable subsidiary rates. While normal citizens are purchasing LPG gas cylinders for 903 Rs. The beneficiaries of the Ujjwala scheme are purchasing the same LPG gas cylinder for 703 Rs. After implementing of new Hike of a hundred rupees only LPG subsidy, the beneficiaries can purchase LPG gas cylinders in only 603 Rs. The prices of gas cylinders will vary according to the locality of the citizen. You can also check the gas cylinder price from your LPG gas cylinder distributor agency. 


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