New Pay Commission: Big gift to employees-teachers, orders for promotion pay scale issued, Rs 80000 will come to the account from November

New Pay Commission: The government has released a new notice of the New Pay Commission which will increase the salary of Government employees in the department. Government employees are getting direct benefits in the election season from the government which will increase their salary. According to the New Pay Commission official notification, approximately 2.23 lakh teachers will get the benefit of this notice. If you are also a government teacher then you should read this article “New Pay Commission” to check the new announcements of the government for teachers.

New Pay Commission: कर्मचारी-शिक्षकों को बड़ा तोहफा, क्रमोन्नति वेतनमान के आदेश जारी

The Madhya Pradesh State government has recently issued a notice to the School Education Department of Madhya Pradesh to upgrade the great pay of their government teachers in the department. In this New Pay Commission notice, 2.23 lakh teachers are getting benefits. The department has ordered to propagation of the grade pay of government teachers who work as primary teachers and Secondary level teachers. 

New Pay Commission

Order of School Education Department of Madhya Pradesh 

The New Pay Commission order issued by the School Education Department states that primary and secondary teachers in Madhya Pradesh will be eligible for a promotion pay scale. The promotion pay scale will be based on the length of service of the teacher. Teachers with 12 years of service will be eligible for the first level of promotion pay scale, teachers with 24 years of service will be eligible for the second level, and teachers with 30 years of service will be eligible for the third level.

Promotion in the pay grade of teachers 

Teachers work demanding to increase in their pay according to the 7th pay commission. but now the government has ordered to increase in the pay scale of all the teachers who are working in primary school and secondary schools. The order will increase the pay scale of both teachers who are getting salary as 6th pay commission and 7th pay commission.

However, the implementation of this promotion of grade pay will be applicable after 2018. All the teachers who have completed that 12 years in this career will get the first promotion, on the other hand, teachers who have completed 24 years will get the second promotion and the last promotion will be provided after completing 30 years in teaching service in Madhya Pradesh government. 

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Details of promotion pay scale for primary teachers:

The grade pay of teachers will be promoted according to the following formula which is mentioned in the official notification of the school education department of Madhya Pradesh. We are dividing these implementations into two subheadings promotion of primary teachers and permission of secondary school teachers. 

Primary teachers, primary teachers (sports), primary teachers (music, singing, playing) 

  • On appointment: 5200-20200 (Grade Pay 2400)
  • After 12 years of service: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 3200)
  • After 24 years of service: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 3800)
  • After 30 years of service: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 4200)

Details of promotion pay scale for secondary teachers:

Secondary teachers, secondary teachers (sports), secondary teachers (music, singing, playing):

  • On appointment: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 3200)
  • After 12 years of service: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 3600)
  • After 24 years of service: 9300-34800 (Grade Pay 4200)
  • After 30 years of service: 15600-39100 (Grade Pay 6600)

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Major increment in the salary

After increasing the pay of the teachers, teachers will get a higher salary in their bank account which will cover the rest of the salary from 2018. Apart from the recovery amount, teachers will also get upgraded salaries on a monthly basis. It will increase the monthly salary from 10,000 to 15000 according to the grade pay and the working experience in the department. 


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