Pension Schemes 2023: Different ways to get Rs 10,000 monthly pension

Pension Schemes 2023: Getting employment is a good option to live a good life. Life will be joyful when you are getting a salary, but after retirement life could be complicated without a good pension. Private companies are not providing any pension facilities, and now the government is also not providing pensions to their employees after getting retire. here are many future saving schemes (Pension schemes 2023) available that are sponsored by the government of India where you can invest and get up to 10000 rupees pension monthly. We are providing you details of such future investment schemes where you can invest and get the benefit at the time of retirement in the form of a pension monthly.

Pension schemes 2023 [get up to 10000 rupees pension monthly]

Employees retire at the age of 60 but life is more than 60 years, So many employees are in trouble about their future to arrange the pension scheme after retirement. The Employees Provident Fund (EPFO) is one of the famous pension schemes where employees submit their monthly contributions during the service years and get benefits after retiring from EPF. But there are also other schemes available that provide pension schemes to their investor and also promise to return their all investment with good interest rates. You can also check the following pension scheme and can also contribute to any future Saving Scheme according to your category and suitability.

Pension Schemes 2023
Pension Schemes 2023: Different ways to get Rs 10,000 monthly pension

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Pension from Employees Provident Fund

The Ministry of Labour and Employment of the Government of India is running the Employees Provident Fund, Which is a very beneficial program for all the citizens who are getting a salary from any private sector. As known, Private companies do not provide any pension facilities to their employees, so these all employees can invest a little amount of their salary monthly in the EPF account. After this EPFO manage all the investment of these employees and invest the amount for various companies. After this, The organisation returns the investment amount of all these employees after getting retired on monthly basis in small installments. According to the current scenario, the employer deduct 12% salary of their employees and submit the amount in their EPF account. after that the organisation further divide this investment in the ratio of 8.33% and 3.67% where the 3.67% amount is invested in the EPF funds and other amount Will we send in the EPS of the employee.

National pension scheme- NPS

The national pension scheme (NPS) is proposed by the central government which is designed for private and Government employees. Both employees can invest the specific amount from their monthly salary in the NPS account and after getting retired these employees can get refund of their amount with the interest rates on monthly basis according to their investment. NPS is currently providing maximum 12% interest rate according to the investment. Government employees are also investing in this scheme to salary get pension after retirement because after proposing the NPS, the government is not providing the pension itself to their employees also. 

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Pension scheme of PMVVY

Prime Minister Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY) is also Central Government scheme which is designed for future saving purpose. This PMVVY scheme is very beneficial for those citizens who are not employed in any government or private sector or any organised sector. Self-employed persons are also in trouble for their future life. Only senior citizens whose age is over 60 years can apply in this Pradhan mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana. You can submit minimum 1.5 Lakh for this scheme and the maximum amount is 750000.  senior citizen will get the interest on this amount of 7.40% annually. The PM Vaya vandana Yojana will provide 10 year pension scheme to their beneficiaries and you will get the pension amount according to your investment. The PM Vaya vandana scheme will not only provide the future Saving Scheme, but will also provide tax saving features also where you can apply for exemption on the tax Under the Income Tax Act 80ccc. 

However there are also many other future saving schemes or Pension Schemes 2023 which are very beneficial for those citizens who are worried about their future. you can invest in any pension scheme according to your eligibility and get the invested amount in the form of a pension with extra interest rates. 


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